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Kale’s Not Done Yet

After the excitement of planting my own cover crop last Monday I took the rest of the week off from our little farm project. I had a multiple course alumni dinner Friday night, so it was nice to focus on just that event.

Now that the tomatoes, peppers and green beans are out I went by today to examine what I had left. I ended up harvesting 33# of chard and 10# of spinach, both of which were absolutely (1) I’m not sure if you remember, but the spinach was planted by some sweet volunteers from the fraternity I cook for. They were so excited to see the final product walk through the door and couldn’t wait to taste it.

By some miraculous turn of events, the kale has made a comeback. Maybe it took leaving it alone for a month?? Who knows?? Since we promoted it so heavily at the beginning of the school year I am very glad that we can get another harvest out of it before the season is

I had my second to last class of the Beginning Farmer’s Program this past Saturday. I am so sad to see it coming to an end. While we were in small groups discussing business plans and marketing, it came up how it is very hard to make money as a small vegetable farmer unless you find your perfect niche market and it is also incredibly labor intensive. One person in the discussion group even said, “and why are we doing this again??”. I sat there for a minute and thought to myself how fortunate I am to work for a company who provides me personal security while sharing the same dreams and interests. People do this for passion and the love of good food. I did laugh to myself thinking how I was an art major in college, switching to hospitality (because I didn’t think I could make a successful career out of it) and then ending up in culinary and farming, sitting in a class listening to a guest speaker say how hard it is to make this work. I love a challenge :).


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