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The First Frost of the Year!


This pretty much sums up the weather the last week. It has been freeeeeeeezing in the mornings and warming up in the afternoons to the mid 70s. By the time the day is finished there is a pile of clothes laying in the passenger seat of my car from all the layers I had to strip off.

My one nasturtium flower of the year murdered by the freeze

My one nasturtium flower of the year murdered by the freeze

bye bye peppers :(

bye bye peppers 😦

We had our first frost over the weekend. I was petrified to look at the farm afterwards because I still have lettuce, kale, chard, herbs, broccoli, green onion, green beans and peppers in the ground. As I slowly pulled up to the plot to survey the damage I saw the death and destruction. It totaled the peppers and green beans. The peppers were almost finished but I was really hoping to get another harvest of the beans this week. Mother nature put a kibosh on that. Thankfully the rest of the crops were untouched and I had a great harvest of romaine yesterday. I am hoping to get the rest out of the ground by the end of the week.

I got all the tomatoes unclipped and pulled from the plastic (over 2,000 plants). Yowza, my back hurt! I am really looking forward to the day someone develops biodegradable tomato clips. I am going to remember the tedious removal next year so that I am careful to only put clips on where they are ABSOLUTELY needed. The trellising came down yesterday and it now looks like a sad barren brown spot ready for winter. I will be pulling plastic and drip on the rest of the tomato bed, peppers and green beans, which will be the rest of the plastic on the farm. I have been slowly breaking down the farm as I go so this is pretty huge that this will be one whole 1/2 acre finished. Its all downhill from here!

No more tomatoes :(

No more tomatoes 😦


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