We finally got some rain last week. Unfortunately, it was the day we were scheduled to host our second youth workshop with DREAAM House. We quickly switched gears and moved everyone inside. We had a last minute herb test tasting class and it was really funny watching all of the faces as they tried the different herbs from our rooftop garden. We also did build your own veggie pita pizzas which were a hit! The boys were very creative in trying to get around the two veggie topping minimum rule :).


In other news we have been having a very early year, I think… Or it could be because we had a very late year last year due to the replanting of our transplants. We are harvesting close to 30 quarts of cherry tomatoes a week! Our peppers are big and beautiful and are just starting.


Our pest problem seems to have subsided with the heat and now we are dealing with other issues. We have a serious problem with birds. They are incredibly pesky, sitting on top of the orchard trellis scoping out which watermelon or tomato they can take a bite out of. The farmers put a predator call out to scare them away. After Rey, Justin and myself recovered from realizing it was a predator call and not an animal that was being tortured for four days, we were very grateful.


Our old enemy bacterial spot/ septoria has finally reared its ugly head. This is by far the longest it has taken to show up. Now that it is hear we are trying to minimize the damage and control future damage.



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