Starting School


The end of summer is here and the university students are days within moving in. This means crunch time for the chefs and the farm. We have been busy taking standing weekly orders to be delivered to sororities and fraternities as well as the dorms.

We are still having an abundance of tomatoes. In fact, we have so many tomatoes that we constantly run out of harvest containers and space to store all of them. We are playing a strategic game of jenga two times a week. I know Jon and Adam (two chefs that have been taking all of our produce this summer) are happy to have some relief soon.


We are still dealing with bird and rabbits out at the farm. It has become a very frustrating problem because there isn’t a sure fire way to prevent the pest damage. The farmers at the U of I have put out a predatory bird caller but that only seems to help for a couple of days until the crows get used to the sound. I thought a dry year would be good for us and it has in some ways. Unfortunately, the crows have been looking for not only food but also water. It is a struggle trying to repair the drip irrigation overtime we need to water. It’s also really disappointing for me and my staff to see beautiful produce become unmarketable due to bites taken out of it. The rabbits are eating our small transplants faster than we can replant. Incredibly frustrating.


On the bright side, we got our first onion crop of the history of HH farms. They are beautiful and currently curing in the greenhouse!


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