Total Eclipse of the Sun


Happy 2017 total eclipse readers. If you were lucky enough to be near totality I heard it was pretty cool. No rest for the weary though! Me and the farm crew were back at it in full force yesterday, pulling thousands of pounds of tomatoes off the plants…. literally. They say a perfect harvest is supposedly 20 lbs per plant. I know this year we are getting more than that. I have never seen anything like this. It is creating some storage problems but I will take that over some of the other rotten years we have had, pun intended.


The sororities are in full swing and the rest of the students are heading back this week. We have so many standing orders this year it has been a puzzle trying to piece it all together. We decided to try to get everyone on standing orders before they get too busy into the semester. So far so good. Organization is key! 🙂


Justin, Rey and I are seeing a lot of our hard work being served during lunch. Chef Jon Curtis and his team have made some really delicious food this summer. I am excited to see what the other chefs do with the same product.



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