Chef’s Creations


We have a lot of tomatoes but I feel like they are stealing the thunder from some other superb crops this year. We had a magnificent potato crop, harvesting nearly 900 lbs. We planted three varieties which were Yukon Golds (my favorite: buttery and delicious), Strawberry Paw Paw’s (beautiful pink color on the inside and out) and Kennebec potatoes. We were able to hold off the pesky potato beetle long enough so that the damage wasn’t killing the actual crop. We also used a tractor implement called a potato harvester which saved us immense back labor. I think everyone was surprised at the ease of this year’s harvest. Once the potato harvester dug out the potatoes from there it was like an easter egg hunt. Slight touch of the sides of the bed to dislodge any remaining potatoes and then just collecting them in a harvest container. Easy Peasy!



I want to highlight one other phenomenal crop this year and that is the onion. I have no rhyme or reason why this is the first year we have grown them but hindsight is 20/20, eh? Beautiful harvest, no bugs, grown in plastic so very little weeds, 3 months later viola! We sold out of 200 lbs in a week! Very high demand with the chefs. We have another planting in the ground right meow so round 2 will be coming shortly.


This picture does not do this creation justice! Apologies for the poor quality.


The chefs are creating some AMAZING meals out of the produce they have been receiving. This is extra great for us as we like to be taste testers during deliveries. Lance the chef of AOPi created a blueberry/ tomato balsamic dressing to highlight his delicious pasta salad, also made with farm tomatoes. It was so delicious and the color was breath taking. I had never heard of blueberry balsamic until now and was very impressed. Those are some lucky ladies.


It is no surprise to walk into an amazing lunch at Hendrick House. Jon, the chef of Hendrick House is as cool as they come. He is my biggest supporter, never saying no to produce and always finding new and creative ways to incorporate it into his huge operation. I honestly don’t know how he does it. Definitely a person worth knowing if you don’t already.

Thanks to all the chefs these last two weeks. Everyone is taking so much produce that we had to break out deliveries up into two runs. What a great problem to have! 🙂


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