And the BEET goes on…

***Click on the red circle for some snazzy tunes***


We didn’t get the hard freeze we expected last week so “the beet (yellow beets) goes on..” and turnips and greens and onions and even peppers!! I keep expecting and preparing for the end of pepper season but am continually impressed at their resiliency to the cold temperatures. I truly think this is the last week for them but it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been wrong nor the last. Keep em’ coming, I say :).


Turnips, not beets

Turnips continue to come in hot, smelling sensational, but that’s nothing new.


Hendrick House owns the building the rooftop garden is on so it seems logical to use that space to expand our growing season, since we have control of that space year round. My idea was to put small row covers over the beds to keep them warm through the winter months. This seemed like the perfect solution….. in my head. Applying that was a whole different story. My first thought was to cover the roof with row cover to extend the life of the herbs. I do not want to rip out the beds that were just established with the new plan for the roof that was implemented this year. The row cover ended up being too thin so I took some extra hoop house plastic and planned to cover the beds with that, using the row cover hoops. The growing depth on the roof is shallow and underneath is a very tender membrane, so any structure that is put on the roof cannot be installed deep enough to be secure. I thought the thin row cover hoops seemed stable enough when pushing them through the growing medium…. that was until I tried to attach heavy hoop house plastic to them in 30mph winds with sleeting rain. It was like I was creating my own parachute to fly away. I wish I had pictures but alas I was too busy trying to stay grounded. Back to the drawing board on that project!


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