The Importance of Conferences


It is incredibly important to attend local, regional and national conferences. These events are a phenomenal way to network within the industry. It is an opportunity to hear what worked and didn’t work from the previous growing season. It is also a really great way to learn from people who have been in the business for generations. I love being surrounded by people who share their love of local food.

I have spent the last two days at the Illinois Farm Bureau Conference in Bloomington, Illinois. My main reason for attending was to receive my Food Safety Modernization Certificate, which will soon be required by law (Food Safety Modernization Act). I attended a full day Produce Safety Alliance Grower Training yesterday and am now certified. It was such a rewarding experience, giving me the knowledge and tools to write a farm safety plan for Hendrick House Farm. This is important to protect not only consumers, but workers as well. It also gave me great direction in how to assemble a training guide for new employees. This is an area that has been somewhat overlooked in the past because we have had such a revolving door of people at the farm, usually starting during our busiest part of the season. This winter will be a perfect time to assemble our new farm safety program and new hire packet!



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