2018 Year of the Cat

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All three farm locations this year are almost all planted. I am very happy with our progress especially coming off an extended winter. The weather couldn’t be more perfect for the staff. We are as comfortable as can be expected on our hands in knees planting. The weather has been in the low 80’s, cloudy with a slight breeze. Perfection! We also had beautiful plants to work with! Our friends at PSL took great care of our plants as they were germinating in the greenhouse. They were by far the best they have ever looked going into the field.


I would like to introduce the staff of 2018! These amazing people will be seeding, planting, weeding, trellising, irrigation maintenance, overall plot maintenance of all three sites and working on community outreach with Champaign/ Urbana’s youth!




This is Kat, but she is fondly known to us as Kitty Kat. Kitty is a trained chef and helping us out during the summer when U of I is not in session. Normally you can find her throughout the school year at Pi Beta Phi cooking with our farm produce. She was the largest greek purchaser of farm produce last year. I am so pumped to have another farm to table chef passionate about food!  Like a true chef she hates having her picture taken. You can see the progression I had to go through to her to smile :).


Danil hails from Cuba. He is a returning gem from last year. A photographer by trade, he loves being in the dirt, asking questions and learning as much as he can from his surroundings. His attention to detail is unprecedented. Taking everything by its literal meaning, he makes us laugh constantly! Also not liking his picture taken, he was yelling at me but I couldn’t really hear what he was saying, lol.


Justin, my assistant farmer, is also back this year. He gives the literal term to “right hand man”. Justin is always in step with me and can predict my next move. It is really nice having a returning veteran who knows the ropes and can help me in leading our other team members.

We have had a great start and it is going to be a phenomenal year! Our motto: check your catatude at the door! (Shout out to a random bumper sticker and kitty for that inspiration.)


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