Edison Middle School Summer STEM Camp


One of the primary goals of Hendrick House Farms is to educate within the company and the community the importance of fresh, healthy food. As the company grows, we are acquiring unique materials to facilitate in that goal. One of the things we have at our disposable is a one acre teaching vegetable garden that includes a composting station, pizza garden and chickens. We were fortunate enough to partner with an Edison Middle School teacher, Julie Anders, to help in teaching kids about farm to table cuisine. My team and I are very good at setting things up and doing the behind the scenes labor while Julie and her group are excellent about lesson plans and communicating the message to the students in a way they are able to understand and learn from. With our combined forces we are able to host informative/ fun filled workshops at the farm.


The second unique feature Hendrick House has built is a teaching kitchen. This is amazing on so many levels. It gives us a space to host split workshops where the kids can be on the farm for the first 1/2 of the day and then actually create something edible for the second 1/2. We will be using this space for the first time tomorrow and I am so excited for this opportunity.


Our intern from Urbana High School, Tony, educating some students on seeding green beans!

We had our first workshop with the summer STEM camp last week. We talked about farm safety, intro to horticulture and had hands on learning stations. The children had snacks harvested from the garden and were able to correlate what they learned with final results they could eat. It was an invigorating day! It was difficult to tell if the farm team was more exhausted after pounding 300 t-posts in the blistering heat or running around with middle schoolers for a whole day :).



I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story….. do note that Danil wanted to practice his english by helping Julie read to the kids. His posture while reading was absolutely hilarious and he was a natural! Also, Justin wanted me to mention in the blog that his sweet corn planting station was voted the best! (He had tadpoles and fresh strawberries to show off….. a little unfair if you ask me :). )


Photo and caption courtesy of Justin Slade



One thought on “Edison Middle School Summer STEM Camp

  1. Diane McNattin says:

    So fantastic! Congratulations on the development of this great project! I look forward to seeing more!

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