The Launch of Hendrick House Teaching Kitchen

We finished the last of our workshops with Edison Middle School last week. It was bittersweet as we were just starting to get the hang of things and really getting to know the students. I was very impressed with how our Urbana High School student intern, Tony, was engaged and assisting in teaching of the farm to table lesson. Bravo Tony!!!

We were able to use, for the first time ever, the new teaching kitchen that was built by Hendrick House employees (Juan Molina leading the team) at our satellite location on Killarney St. This teaching kitchen is such an amazing asset for the farm and for Hendrick House. Education is a key component we have been focusing on for the past year and half, promoting healthy fresh food within the company. This is just one more tool to help facilitate that goal. It was such a treat for the staff and for the students to be able to take what they learned from the farm and apply it to real food in the kitchen.

There were too many wonderful pictures to choose from so you’ll just have to enjoy a slideshow!

Please Click Red Circle so Tom Petty can serenade you through the slideshow

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In other news…… it really needs to stop raining. More on that next week.


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