Putting on the lbs


The chefs are coming back in anticipation for the school year to begin. We are harvesting a TON of produce off the farm, literally 2,000 lbs a week. Go time was yesterday. We are really starting to see our produce in the meals throughout the kitchens in the company, which is always exciting.


Can you say tomato? The widely anticipated crop is here, exactly three weeks ahead of schedule…… ahhhhhhhh! It’s probably a good thing they are ready now because it looks like we will be having a short year for tomatoes. Lots of rain and cool nights are no bueno!


Local Produce Lover Chelsie, Executive Chef of Hendrick House, has been taking a lot!

Today was the first real harvest of watermelon. Like the tomatoes I purposely planted them late in the season so they would try to line up with the beginning of the school year.  Close but no cigar. I hope we have some left with the Greek Chefs get back to their houses!



The flavor winner of the company! Yellow Doll!!! Super sweet!

The chefs have been sending me a lot of pictures of their creations and here are a few showing you what they’ve been up to this summer.



Paige’s Zucchini Bread. It was absolutely delicious.


Healthy and light summertime meal at Hendrick House! Avocado mayo with cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion and spinach. YUM


Hendrick House green beans and cherry tomatoes with parsley from our roof